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Our solution for antennas

The best reception guaranteed - with enmech

Our solution for antennas

The best reception guaranteed - with enmech


Foil antennas by enmech

Multimedia applications play an increasingly important role in the automotive world. Conventional or digital radio reception, TV functions, communicating with a hands-free phone and to be on the internet are becoming standard practice. Telecommunication systems generate automatically an emergency calls in the event of an accident and new features like keyless access to the vehicle make everyday life easier.

One thing that all these systems and functions have in common: they need to communicate via a variety of specially adapted antenna systems.

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  • enmech’s FPC - based technology provides an ideal basis for these antennas. Our flexible foil antennas fit into virtually any space in the vehicle. Through the integration of antennas into, for example, the exterior mirror housing, rear spoiler or the bumper, the visual appearance of the vehicle design will not be impaired in any way at all. In addition, our solution, because of its minimum weight, supports the efforts of the automotive industry to reduce weight. Our ability to manufacture antennas up to one meter in length and in line with your specifications gives you the space needed for the optimal design. Despite the extreme possible length of our film based antennas, these antennas, backed with an appropriate adhesive, are always easily be assembled onto many different surfaces.
  • Our copper clad foil antennas, etched with high-precision, provide any high frequency application with an excellence performance. Alternatively enmech offers you of course also antennas printed with silver ink. Soldered (coaxial) cables or crimped contacts provide the connection to your vehicle harness. Electrical components such as capacitors or resistors used for diagnostic purposes can be soldered directly onto our antennas. In addition, we offer you the possibility also to integrate your amplifier electronics, thereby reducing the number of electrical interfaces.
  • To ensure that our antennas can also be used in exterior automotive applications enmech offers you reliable automotive-proven ways to insulate electrical components and interfaces.
  • You want to integrate your antennas into the vehicle windows? Also in this space enmech offers the right solution for you. Please, use our link “Window Connectors”. (insert hyperlink)

A flexible sheet material

Manufactured to your specifications - antennas for virtually any space

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Thanks to the flexible raw material , our antennas fit in almost any space. The etched copper structure provides the best performance also in high frequency applications. Alternatively, we also offer antennas in additive silver paste printing technique.

Electronics integration

Integrated electronics gives you even more design freedom

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Whether diagnostic resistors, capacitors or complete amplifier - we integrate these components according to your specifications in the film antenna. Our encapsulation technology protects your electronics from moisture and allows outdoor use ( e.g. mirrors).

Humidity protection

Sealed connectors and grommets

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Assembled grommets create a safe transition between wet and dry spaces in the vehicle. Sealed connectors ensure a long-life and secure connection to your antenna amplifier.