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Our solution for heating

Heating from enmech - keeps you feeling safe and comfortable


Heating by enmech

Our FPC technology based mechatronic is the perfect base for foil heating systems. Whether you want to heat steering wheels, armrests, door panels or seats in the vehicle, our foil-based solutions fit perfectly your installation situation, are light-weight and require only minimal space. The selective and close to the body heating elements are especially for electric and hybrid vehicles an efficient method to create a comfortable environment for the occupants. Also on the outside of the vehicle enmech heating solutions have kept mirrors ice- and fog-free for many years and will still do it in the future. Modern camera systems do get a clear view of things due to our flat design and to your needs perfectly adapted heaters.

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  • Our film-based technology heating solutions can be implemented perfectly to match the contours and shapes of your installation space. Together with the low weight and the thin films, we provide heating solutions for heat that is only generated where it is needed.
  • The connection to the power source, the wiring harness, is typically made with our crimp connectors already tested and approved by the automotive industry. For outdoor use our encapsulating technologies ensure reliable insulation of the connections.
  • Into the heating foils integrated temperature sensors ensure the precise control of the heating power. By printing PTC paste onto polyester foils enmech produces self-regulating heating solutions and provides with this more product safety and makes additional control electronics obsolete.

Heating elements

enmech generates heat in the smallest installation spaces

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With our FPC solutions you heat efficiently defined and space-saving. There are two methods for heating control are available: FPC equipped with SMD temperature sensors allow for customized control or self-regulating heating elements with printed PTC pastes.

Electronics integration

Integration of electronic components for monitoring and protection

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Integrated electrical fuse to protect against short circuits. Sensors allow accurate temperature monitoring. The protection of these components can be encapsulated.