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11,000 square meters for smart mechatronic modules: Our new plant in Pécel, Hungary

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Quality and logitic manual for suppliers
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Information on our energy, environment, and occupational safety policy according ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 may be requested.

Indispensable for your success: Our quality policy

High quality of our products and performance are the most important factors that influence the existence of our plants on a long-term basis. Quality means for us that our products and performance meet or surpass our customers’ requirements. This is the reason why we use preventive, progressive, and reliable quality assurance methods. The quality of our products is produced and not acquired by testing in the entire supply chain and therefore it is the responsibility of all of our employees.

Every employee identifies him- or herself with the quality concept, so self-testing and self-assessment are their own responsibility and the quality improvement is an ongoing task. Supporting (advanced) training of our employees serves our permanent quality assurance and is ensured in all areas of our plants. Our idea management supports not only our employees’ motivation and satisfaction at all levels but also serves our goal of permanent improvement and innovation.

Our QM-system supports methods and procedures that are state of the art in order to ensure a permanent quality improvement. In this connection we follow the zero-error principle. The necessary cost-savings may in no case negatively impact the quality of our products and processes. Preventing any form of waste in any area is a fundamental principle that all employees identify themselves with.

By clearly defined and reachable targets, the management ensures efficient and effective implementation of the related actions in all areas. All of our activities are described in the management handbook and are carried out pursuant to rules IATF 16949.

Implementation der “DANTOTSU Quality”!

Safety for our employees and environment

Protection of the environment, health, and safety are indispensable parts of responsible management of our company. In case of carrying out any of our activities, we are committed to protect health and safety of every single employee as well as to protect the environment. Our management is committed to support our employees in realisation of a healthy, injury- and risk-free work environment. 

Responsible dealing with the environment is therefore an important corporate objective that is not limited to meeting sufficiently the actually relevant rules and laws.

Our energy management is based on continuous monitoring of all energy flows (energy sources, use of energy, energy users) within our company. Additionally, energy efficiency is evaluated in relation to the total energy consumption, important facilities and installations, as well as to the processes and activities. This concept is the basis for implementation of technical and organisational measures for the systematic and long-term improvement of the energy efficiency.

Our environmental, energy, and occupational safety policy is based on four pillars:

  • Relieve of strain on the environment and on our employees
  • Ongoing improvement / setting and monitoring of the goals
  • Active employee / communication
  • Integration of suppliers